Literacy and Numeracy 2011


The purpose of this School Plan is to document the improvement work supported by the National Partnership 
Agreement on Literacy and Numeracy.

Funding provided by the  Australian Government through the Smarter Schools National Partnerships is 
complemented by co-investment by the Western Australian education sectors and schools. Together, this 
funding is designed to build the capacity of Western Australian schools to contribute to the achievement of the 
following high level outcomes:

  1. all children are engaged in and benefiting from schooling;
  2. young people are meeting basic literacy and numeracy standards, and overall levels of literacy and 
  3. numeracy achievement are improving;
  4. Australian students excel by international standards;
  5. schooling promotes the social inclusion and reduces the educational disadvantage of children, especially 
  6. Indigenous children; and
  7. young people make a successful transition from school to work and further study.
 National Partnership  Literacy and Numeracy
 Australian Government Funding Allocated  $35 787
 AISWA and School co-investment  $35 787
 Initiatives/Activities for 2011  Whole School Planning: Consultant to support the development of a comprehensive whole school literacy policy which informs teacher planning and teaching and learning across the school and to support with the implementation thereof. 

Effective and evidence-based teaching: Provision of professional learning in the use of data to inform practice and using assessment of, for and as learning. Observing lessons and providing guidance to teachers.

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Mar 16, 2011, 4:13 PM