Chairman Message

Bismillah WasSalatu WasSalaamu ‘Ala Rasoolillah 
With the Name of Allah I begin by invoking Divine Greetings and Peace upon the Messenger of Allah.

With the start of a new academic year come numerous hurdles and challenges, along with joy, happiness and a sense of a new beginning.  This could not be truer for the Langford Islamic College.

On behalf of AFIC, ICWA and the College Board I would like to begin by acknowledging the hard work of our staff beginning with Dr. Popie Rhaman, the Principal. 

I have been Chairman of the Board since January of this year. It is an important job which I take very seriously, and I look forward to making, together with the Board, the management, the teachers, the staff and the P & F, a significant and positive contribution to the College in its academic, pastoral and religious development. 

The Board and I, value the contribution of all of the teachers at this College and their efforts in improving our pastoral care and educational outcomes. It is by working together that we become strong and effective in our mission of achieving excellence.

The start of the new school year is a time to look back at the many successes of our College and set high hopes for the coming years.

With the Grace of Allah upon us, another batch of Year 12 students graduated from our College last year, Alhamdulillah!  Equally pleasing, Alhamdulillah, the school participated in many cultural and religious activities.

Our school inaugurated new buildings, parking premises and achieved wonderful NAPLAN results that substantially improved upon all previous years.

Our P&F committee was very active as usual with their fundraising events and generous support of our College.  With their help continued help and support the sky is the limit.

This year we look forward to the inauguration of our Kindy and Pre-Primary school building and the refurbishment of existing premises. Our staff and students are earnestly waiting to use our brand new facilities and to move in to them in the coming weeks.

We have equally been blessed to receive a large number of new students to our community and are happy to reestablish our connection with all of our returning students.  It is with joy and high hope that we can serve the Deen of Allah well through the Islamic education of our children.  

The Islamic Studies department, under the new leadership of Imam Yahya Ibrahim, is doing well.

Some of their outstanding activities were the establishment of a Hifz ul Quran (Quran Memorization) program and a comprehensive Islamic Studies curriculum that begins from Kindy and continues to Year 10. You can review it on our College website

The exciting Ramadan Classroom Decoration Competition and Annual Ramadan Assembly were highlights as was the first Annual Quran Memorization competition during Term 4. This year promises even greater success.

Our aim is to work hand in hand with our parents and AFIC so that our children can carry on the work that we have started in serving the broader Australian community.  


I ask Allah to grant us all success.  


Dr. Rateb Jneid

School Chairman