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Online Safety is Our Concern

posted Mar 3, 2011, 6:47 AM by System Administrator
The Internet has became indispensable for everyone including Muslims. We have developed a strong appetite for Technology and especially now with more than 97% of 16 - 17 years olds accessing social networking sites and children aged 8-9 years doing the same we as Muslim Parents need to ramp up our knowledge of the Internet and Technologies around us.

As technologies proliferate more content become available and this includes those that are deemed haram. It has gone beyond the traditional desktop computers and migrated to the ubiquitous mobile phone. Statistically, in the past 5 years the number of 8 -18 year olds with their own mobile phones has grown from 39% to 66%. That is for every 3 children, 2 owns a mobile. 

What they do on the mobile is a great concern to us. 48% of 8 -18 year olds never turn of their phones and 41% of them say they get stressed when they turn it off. One in very 2 children aged between 8 -18 years textes 826 messages per day! Now we begin to wonder what goes o n with their conversations. What do they talk about when they visit social networking sites.

Being parents are we aware that our children may be involved with harmful activities when they are online. Chatting and texting creates a situation when two parties are engaged virtually in intimate conversation and  this can range from anything to the lurid.

If being concern is an issue with you, speak to us and we can assist your family to benefit the Internet in a safe and rewarding way.